Today we released Prime Mover 1.1.3! This release adds important bug-fixes and some useful features.

Change log

  • Fixed: Incorrect diff percent progress update.
  • Fixed: Missing note to re-save permalinks after successful import.
  • Fixed: Mobile-responsive issues on backup menu page.
  • Fixed: Usability issues on restoring backup on the same site.
  • Fixed: Subsite license incorrectly detected when license expired.
  • Feature: Added import and export success dialog to clearly marked completion.
  • Feature: Allow package restoration within site.
  • Feature: Added export as subsite backup option in multisite.
  • Usability: Remove auto-force download in free version.
  • Usability: Updated plugin styling for consistent branding.

Important notes for you

  • Starting version 1.1.3, free users can now restore a package within the same site. Before this is not possible and the only way to restore a package is through uploading. This is a huge time saver!
  • Before version 1.1.3, free users exporting package is auto-downloaded in the end. This cannot be modified. After usability review, this is not optimal since users may have very poor download connection speed and may opt to download later. Starting version 1.1.3, the plugin does not anymore do auto-force download. Instead it will just ask you if you want to download it now or later.
  • Before version 1.1.3, we don’t emphasize saving permalinks. This is now emphasized starting version 1.1.3, it will ask you to re-save permalinks after restoring the site.
  • In version 1.1.3, creating subsite backups in multisite is now so easy. We added a new dedicated option “Export as subsite backup” which will create a backup of the site. You don’t need to enter any blog ids anymore. Another time saver.

Report issues and suggestions

We fully tested this release in different hosting environments and setup. However it is possible some issues might slip and we need your help. Also as of this version, the number of automated tests increases to 1450 so we plan to increase code coverage in future releases to have more stable software. Please report any issues and suggestions by contacting us.

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