Good news! Today we released Prime Mover 1.1.4. This is basically a bug-fix release. The following are the change log:

Change log

  • Fixed: Saved backups deleted in Windows.
  • Fixed: Database restore error due to differing MySQL versions.
  • Fixed: Fatal error caused by incomplete theme restore.
  • Fixed: Performance issues in exporting plugins and themes.
  • Fixed: Performance issues when exporting media files.
  • Fixed: Error in zip archiving due to Windows long file names limitation.
  • Fixed: Performance issues in zip archiving closing due to compression enabled.
  • Fixed: Increase retry timeout times constant to 75 to minimize 503 errors.
  • Fixed: Poor zip archiving performance.

Release Highlights

These are some of the highlights in this release that you need to be informed of:

  • The zip size of the backup will increase because we disabled the compression during the archiving process. This zip compression is a huge performance issue specially for slow servers thus disabling this can save a lot of time and resources. The only effect is that the final zip size will increase.
  • More stable performance in very slow hosting. We tested some hosts that even the most popular migration plugins won’t run. Prime Mover 1.1.4 can run and complete the export/import in these type of environments.
  • If you are migrating to old host (from the new host) that is using older MySQL versions (e.g. legacy versions 5.4 or 5.5); previous versions of Prime Mover will cause error. This is not a bug in Prime Mover but a limitation in MySQL that causes it not to be backward compatible . Prime Mover 1.1.4 added an automatic adjustment during this database migration so you don’t need to manually do this in your part.

What we are planning next?

  • In the next version Prime Mover 1.1.5, we will use tar archiving as the new archiving format during export process. Zip will still be supported during export and restore (e.g. old backups created in zips). And you can still export using zip archive with a special wp-config constant to be added (not anymore the default archiving since it will use tar). This change will be designed to be backward compatible so you can restore your old backups created with zips.
  • We are planning to have this ready before the end of July 2020.

This is our focus for the next release. Hopefully when tar archiving is used, this will allow us to archive much bigger sites (somewhere more than 10GB with shell/exec functions disabled). Tar archiving has much better performance than using zip at this size.

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