We have great news! After almost a month of development, Prime Mover 1.1.5 is now ready for releasing before the WordPress 5.5 main release date. So that’s around August 1st week and before August 11, 2020.

Prime Mover 1.1.5 has some powerful useful features that includes it’s own archiving format which does not use the ZipArchive anymore (this is now deprecated with the coming version). This allows Prime Mover to archive sites whether big or small beyond what zip is capable of.

And what is great is that this is new archiving format will available in both FREE and PRO versions.

So that means that if you export a package in Prime Mover, it will be exported to its own archiving format and does not anymore use zip. Zip continues to work on restore/import end for older packages (created with past versions) just for backward compatibility reasons.

The encryption support is also improved in Prime Mover 1.1.5. Before; only database and WordPress upload files can be encrypted. Now all of the backup files are encrypted, that includes your WordPress plugins and theme files. As we realized that these files can be sensitive (think about custom plugins or custom made themes with personal secrets) and you want to protect it as well. This encryption support is only available in the PRO version as usual (just like the older versions.)

So you will attain full security of your backup and migration package You can ensure that no one should be able to peek your packages without your permission if you stored it somewhere else – e.g. in cloud platforms.

Archiving and Restore performance also improved. This new version can archive and restore 3 to 5 times faster than the old versions.

At last, there are so many bug fixes as well. For more details, stay tuned for the coming release next week!

We are currently finalizing the last round of changes and testing.


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