We are happy to announce the release of Prime Mover 1.1.7. This is a minor bug-fix release.

Change log

= 1.1.7 =

  • Fixed: Missing requisite for PDO MySQL PHP extension.
  • Fixed: Stucked on dB import process on some specialized servers.
  • Fixed: Error in database restore due to foreign key constraints.

Before version 1.1.7, Prime Mover won’t show errors if the server does not have pdo_mysql extension. Take note that WordPress can still run without this extension however this extension is required by the Prime Mover plugin.

This check is added on plugin activation. If your server does not have this extension, the plugin won’t get activated and you cannot use the plugin. This will be resolved only after you have fully installed this extension.

This purpose of this fix is to prevent database export errors which are runtime fatal errors caused by this missing extension.

The other fixes includes dropping the custom plugin dB tables before importing new ones. It is because if these tables won’t get dropped, data will not be imported properly due to foreign key constraint errors.

This is usually affecting plugins that uses custom tables and foreign key constraints such as WooCommerce custom database tables.

Help us report bugs

Again, your bug report greatly helps in improving the Prime Mover plugin. Please report bugs via our contact form and please send more details on the issue.

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