Change log

= 1.5.0 =

  • Fixed: Updated Freemius library to latest version 2.4.3.
  • Fixed: Disabled_function – Aborted execution on call of the function shell_exec()
  • Fixed: Search replace issue on source domains that uses custom port number in host names.

Freemius SDK Library Update

In the latest version – Freemius SDK library is now updated to version 1.4.3. There is not much difference from the previous version and this is a maintenance release on the part of Freemius.

Deprecated usage of shell functions

Some hosting is using Snuffleupagus PHP module which is designed to strengthen website security. However in some instances even a simple innocent call to PHP shell functions like shell_exec will return a fatal runtime error. This disrupts Prime Mover migration processes.

Luckily – Prime Mover deprecated these usage a long time ago so the latest release bypasses it and should not call any shell functions. This increases compatibility of this PHP module with Prime Mover.

Support for localhost using custom port number

Previous versions of Prime Mover has issues with localhost migration that uses custom port number. The latest version 1.5.0 is now fully compatible with this. There are several local WordPress server setups such as MAMP or Local by Flywheel that uses custom port setups in localhost names. If you are using this in your development and you would like to migrate these sites – make sure to use Prime Mover 1.5.0+ to avoid any search replace issues during import.

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