Change log

= 1.5.1 =

  • Fixed: Unable to download package when using subdomain for media uploads.
  • Fixed: Incompatibility issues when migrating multilingual sites.
  • Compatibility: Updated support for legacy PHP 5.6.

Prime Mover PRO version compatibility with PHP 5.6

Previous Prime Mover PRO versions are not compatible with PHP 5.6 (requires at least PHP 7.0). This is confusing to users since the FREE versions always have minimum requirement of PHP 5.6. This is now resolved with Prime Mover PRO 1.5.1.

However take note that with PHP 5.6 – Google Drive feature is not available. This is because the library requires at least PHP 7.0. All other features continue to work with PHP 5.6. If you still have sites using this PHP version – please update to PHP 7.0+ to get the most out of Prime Mover PRO features and better security for your sites.

Better migration of multilingual websites

Prime Mover 1.5.1+ is now tested to be compatible with multilingual website migration using WPML plugin. Post translations, translator jobs, string translations etc. should work at the target site just like it was in the source site.

This is tested for different migration combinations such as migrating a multilingual websites from single-site to single-site/multisite subsite or vice versa. For example like from a multisite subsite to another subsite or even a subsite to single site.

Better support with media directory that is using subdomain

There were special case where the uploads directory is using a subdomain URL. This setup prevents Prime Mover packages from being downloaded. This is now fixed with Prime Mover 1.5.1+.

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