Change log

= 1.5.3 =

  • Fixed: Runtime error during export caused by unreadable files.
  • Fixed: Runtime error due to outdated WordPress versions.

Bug fix – Runtime error due to unreadable files

When Prime Mover generates list of files to be added on the archive – it included files that are unreadable. This is the case in earlier versions. In Linux, these are the files with 000 as file permission. The side effect is what when this is finally added to archive – PHP cannot read these files thus Prime Mover returns runtime error.

This bug fix means that Prime Mover can only migrate files (whether media , themes, plugins ) which are readable in the source site. If you found out that some files are missing at the target site – the first thing to check is to look for these files in the source site and check their file permission. And if they are unreadable at source site – they cannot be read, copied or migrated to another site!

Bug Fix – Runtime error due to outdated WP versions

There is a hot fix added on update_user_meta migration compatibility that works for PHP 8.0. However this hot fix breaks migration of older WordPress versions (typically before WordPress 5.5). This is now permanently fixed in Prime Mover 1.5.3.

Found an issue ?

If you noticed something weird regarding this update or something that works before but not anymore. Please contact us and provide more details.

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