Change log

  • Fixed: Glitch in user adjustment during restore.
  • Fixed: Missing database tables during restore due to duplicated constraints.
  • Fixed: Auto-memory limit adjustments on runtime.
  • Fixed: Missing database tables due to incomplete dB restore headers.
  • Fixed: PHP notices during dB restore due to missing SQL variables.
  • Fixed: Missing user in blog during multisite restore.
  • Fixed: dB restore hang due to unhandled max_allowed_packet error.
  • Fixed: Unable to delete all packages due to third party code conflict.
  • Fixed: PHP notices when deleting backups due to non-existing subsite.

Smooth and error free dB restore process

This release fixes numerous bugs relating to database restoration process. Restoring WordPress database is a complex matter as it involves several plugins with their own unique table definitions and unique sets of data. A general solution is added on issues pertaining to constraints handling, max_allowed_packet error handling, missing database tables, etc.

This is typically useful if you are restoring a large database. By using this version – PHP errors and glitches associated with dB restore process is minimized.

User import – improved

There are issues with user import in the old versions. For example – when a user of the source site is also a super-admin of the target site. This user when the site is migrated is missing in the subsite list of users. This is now fixed in this version.

Automatic PHP memory_limit adjustment

By default – WordPress admin uses around 256MB of memory which can be adjustable by memory constants WP_MEMORY_LIMIT and WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT. This is fine for most purposes. Sadly this is not enough for migration tasks as some sites can be quite large and they can have large data to migrate. Hitting not enough memory is one of Prime Mover recurring support tickets. The common workaround before is simply to increase this value via WordPress memory constants.

To save users time and reduce export/restore hassle – it is decided to permanently fix this inside Prime Mover by giving a maximum of 1GB memory by default only when doing migration/restore or export/backup. This should be enough to cover all memory related needs even for big sites.

This is a resourceful move as when doing migrations or backup – Prime Mover suppresses all third party code like plugins /themes- allowing dedicated memory to be allocated to migration and backup. Thus – no memory is wasted in this case.

However when doing ordinary admin work – it defaults back to 256MB as defined by WordPress.

Other bugs fixed

There are issues associated with deleting all packages and it won’t be able to do this because of third party conflict code. The fix is to isolate this process thus – it is not requiring any third party code anyway. So this should no longer be reproducible with version 1.6.1.

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