It took almost a month to complete this bug fix release. This is only a maintenance release but It fixes critical and important bugs.

Change log

= 1.6.3 =

  • Fixed: Search replace issues on domain-mapped sites.
  • Fixed: Incorrect home URL after import.
  • Fixed: Incorrect “Visit site” link in page manager due to differing home and site URL.
  • Fixed: Handling corrupted packages during restore for all modes.
  • Fixed: Edge cases on search and replace.
  • Fixed: Prime Mover directories included in WPRIME archiving.
  • Fixed: Performance issues on search replace due to redundant replaceables.
  • Fixed: Complete package processed as development package on restore.

Relative URL support

Previous versions of Prime Mover does not support replacement of relative URLs. However relative URLs are commonly used in WordPress. For example, a path to the WordPress single site resource can be defined as (in relative URL format) : /wp-content/uploads/2022/01/test.pdf

If that site is migrated to a multisite subsite with blog ID 4 (example) – the relative URL is unchanged and the URL to the resource appears broken (404) if using old Prime Mover versions.

This is now fixed with latest Prime Mover 1.6.3, so the equivalent relative URL should be:


Take note that relative URL support works in all possible migration modes whether single-site to single-site, single-site to multisite , multisite to multisite and multisite to single-site.

However – relative URL support is only limited if you are using standard WordPress relative paths. It does not support customized WordPress paths. For example if your relative URL to your WordPress uploads directory is using /img/ instead of /wp-content/uploads/ – relative URL search replace won’t work because it’s so risky replacing these as it could affect other paths (e.g. some plugins have their own resource image paths using /img/. Absolute URLs in this case should always work.

Better WordPress sub-directory support

WordPress can be installed as a sub-directory for example test.com/wordpress/ or even mysite.test/wp/. Or any type of installations where you give WordPress it’s own directory. Migrating these type of sites can be tricky because of differing site and home URLs.

It can even become trickier when these are converted to multisites since you will be dealing with multisite paths , etc. In previous versions – this is not fully supported and migration can result to broken sites.

This is now fully fixed with Prime Mover 1.6.3.

Better multisite domain-mapped sites support

Domain mapped configuration is common in multisite. Resource and assets can be tricky in this case because the image URL (e.g. in subsite) can be accessed in several ways:

  • Using the subsite domain mapped domain.
  • Or using the DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE

Prime Mover consider these two possibilities so that after migration there will be no more 404s.

Handling of corrupted packages

Prime Mover 1.6.3 now properly detects corrupted packages at it’s earliest stages. Detection is done when restoring the package either via browser upload, package manager or using remote URL feature.

User is then advised to read proper troubleshooting guide of corrupted packages. Before this release, user does not know how to handle corrupted packages and therefore unable to proceed further with the migration.

Default exclusion of Prime Mover export files

Now by default – any Prime Mover core directories are excluded in the file directory list. It was included before and PHP logic is used to determine whether this will be processed or not. These has flaws and could introduce performance issues (e.g. processing unwanted files adds overhead).

With Prime Mover 1.6.3 – these are excluded in the file list generation. Therefore this will become untouchable by the archiving process. This is a safe way to ensure that these directories are intact and fully preserved when creating backups or restoration.

Performance improvements and minor bug fixes

Prime Mover 1.6.3 optimizes search/replace default feature and it’s removing redundant replaceable. This has an effect on improving restore performance.

It also fixes a bug on complete package being treated as dev package. This bug bypasses search and replace thus the image will still point to the old site. The latest version fixes this issue.

Feedback? Suggestions?

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