This release is packed with updates. This release covers important compatibility fixes and performance improvements.

Change log

  • Fixed: Gearbox packages not refreshed when refreshing package manager.
  • Fixed: Packages are not auto-refreshed when changing keys.
  • Fixed: Fatal runtime error when restoring the site when using incompatible WordPress config.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with customized wp-config configuration.
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with Bedrock WordPress stack.
  • Fixed: String offset cast occurred error.
  • Fixed: Updated Freemius SDK to latest version 2.4.5.
  • Fixed: Overwritten import progress tracker due to search replace process.
  • Fixed: Performance issues with redundant logging.

Bedrock and custom config implementation

There are some WordPress environments with customized wp-config.php implementation. Although the config files are writable, they are not usable by Prime Mover because the actual configuration is not there but defined in a special custom files.

A good example is the WordPress Bedrock platform. Older version of Prime Mover does not work properly with this environment because of the customized config file implementation. These are now fixed with Prime Mover 1.6.4+.

If you are using Bedrock – make sure you upgrade to Prime Mover 1.6.4+ so you will be sure that backup and migration works for your site. Note that these changes does not affect sites that have normal wp-config.php implementation – it will continue to work as it was before.

Freemius SDK version 2.4.5 update

In this release – Freemius SDK is updated to version 2.4.5. According to Freemius Inc. – these are the important changes:

  • PHP 8.1 compatibility fixes.
  • Updated translation files to fix placeholder issues in PHP 8.

If you are using PHP 8.0+ – it is recommended to upgrade to Prime Mover 1.6.4 so you can benefit these changes.

Gearbox packages usability improvement

In this release – changes in the encryption key (for PRO versions) will auto-refresh the package manager or gearbox tools (in migration tools) without needing to manually refresh the package.

This is a usability improvement to prevent user confusion that the packages encryption key is still incorrect (because the restore button is inactive). Once the key is changed and the user goes to the package manager to restore or check the package – the package is auto-refreshed.

This usability improvement also prevents restore issues associated with updated encryption keys. User can still refresh the packages manually if needed or required.

Performance improvement on migration logs

The migration logs generated by the previous versions contains a lot of redundant entries. If your site is large – the log data is also large and could slow down the migration/backup process. These redundant entries are removed with Prime Mover 1.6.4 – so there are significant performance improvements associated with restoration and migration. This also caused the migration log file size to become smaller and compact while not losing any vital information that developers need.

Miscellaneous bug fixes

As usual – this release fixes several bugs. For example during search and replace process – Prime Mover process it’s own migration progress tracker which should not be the case. As a result – there are occasions that this data is overwritten in the database with wrong information. Prime Mover 1.6.4 ensures that this case won’t happen anymore.

Feedback and Suggestions?

If you like to give feedback or suggestions on this release – please get in touch with us. Thank you!

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