Change log

= 1.7.1 =

  • Fixed: Deprecation notices and errors in PHP 8.1.
  • Fixed: CORS issue with font assets.
  • Fixed: Remote URL authorization issues with CORS.
  • Fixed: cURL errors in processing HEAD request with PHP 8.0+.
  • Fixed: Argument #1 ($handle) must be passed by reference, value given in PHP 8.0+.
  • Fixed: Updated Freemius SDK to latest version 2.5.2 and compatibility fixes.
  • Fixed: Issues on PRO upgrade workflow from free version.
  • Fixed: Performance issues in remote URL migration feature.

Freemius SDK Version 2.5.2

In this update – the Freemius SDK is updated to latest 2.5.2. This is a big update from Freemius Inc (from its previous release version 2.4.2).

If you are interested with the detailed changes please check out the following link:

One of the nice features with this update is the revamp opt-in dialog UI and streamlined/smooth/user-friendly upgrade to Prime Mover PRO version.

Resolved CORS visual issues

In the previous version – if your site has CORS issues – plugin icons and other visual stuff won’t properly display in your site. This is now fixed with version 1.7.1. Take note that this fix only works with Apache server as this is where most issues are commonly reported.

If you are using other servers – it is highly recommended to fix the issue directly in your server and this is usually the best approach.

Better PHP 8.1 compatibility

Previous versions of Prime Mover has warnings or deprecated notices with PHP 8.1. Although the plugin still works – it is not good to have these repeated warnings and notices in your logs!

This is now permanently fixed with the latest release. There should be no more warnings and notices related to Prime Mover on PHP 8.1.

Improved remote URL restoration feature

Remote URL restore is a PRO feature that speeds up migration and saves you time in your migration projects. However previous version has several issues when typically used with PHP 8.0 and above.

First – there is a performance issue in PHP 8.0+ associated with the way the cURL object is handled. Second there are errors in PHP 8.1 due to deprecated changes. And third, there are issues found when your site is affected with a CORS issue – you cannot do remote URL restore in a site like this.

All of these issues are now fixed with Prime Mover 1.7.1.

Let us know your feedback

If you are still using the old version – please update to latest Prime Mover 1.7.1 to get the best performance and stability. If you have issues with this version – please let us know.

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