Scope: Prime Mover Pro


  1. In the Prime Mover control panel , click Go to Settings button.
  2. [OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED] Go to Basic Settings – Custom backup directory. By default, this is pointed to your site wp-content/uploads directory. It’s protected by .htaccess if you are using Apache server. For best security (in any server), you need to change this to point the path outside your WordPress directory. This should not be publicly accessible.
  3. [OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED] Next , you need to exclude some plugins. Not all plugins are really needed at the target site (e.g. SSL redirect plugins, caching plugins ,etc.). You simply need to click expand and check plugins you don’t need to be exported.
  4. [OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED] Finally and you can implement an export filters. These filters works by excluding files with specific file types, names and paths. If you think your uploads directory contains a lot of large files, and some very large file is not even useful at target site, you can exclude it. This would be a very useful feature.

Make sure to save all settings. The above four settings should be able to get you started. Do this settings configuration in all of your sites so they will be ready for migration.

The video below illustrates the above basic settings guide. It implement settings configuration for the test site single-site-one.test and single-site-two.test.

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