Scope: Prime Mover Free / Pro version

IMPORTANT : If you are using Prime Mover Pro for the first-time , please read this get started guide first.

This tutorial applies for both Prime Mover Free and Pro Version. This teach you how to migrate your WordPress single-site installation to a multisite installation. The target site installation could reside in a different server or your localhost.

Preparations in Multisite

  • Install the latest version of Prime Mover plugin.
  • Login as network administrator and network activate.
  • Optionally opt-in to Freemius notifications.
  • Go to Network Sites.
  • Click Add New to add new site.
  • Enter all details to enter the new site (Site Title, Site Address, email, etc.)
  • When it’s done , click Add Site. You have now created a blank site for which you need to import your single-site.
  • Click Edit Site link.
  • Take note of the edit site URL and get the blog ID. (e.g. site-info.php?id=3, the blog ID in this example is 3.
  • Alternatively, you can also get the blog ID in Network Sites -> All Site.
  • Make sure to take note of this blog ID because you will need this when creating the multisite package.

Create a multisite package in your single-site

  • Login to your WordPress single-site installation.
  • Activate latest version of Prime Mover plugin. This should be exactly same version as the one used in your multisite.
  • Optionally opt-in to Freemius notifcations.
  • Go to Tools – Migration Tools.
  • Click Export.
  • Choose Export Options ( in this example , we export everything (dB, media, plugins / themes )
  • Under Export to Multisite
  • Check Export to Multisite format checkbox.
  • Now enter the blog ID of the multisite sub-site created in the previous section. Enter only in integer format, the plugin will validate this and won’t accept any non-integer values.
  • Click Export Now. Wait until the export is completed. This process can take time depending on the size of your website.
  • When its all done, the package will be downloaded to your computer. (for free versions).

Restoring a multisite package

  • Login to your multisite as network administrator.
  • Go to Network Sites, find the site that will be imported into under Import Site column, click the corresponding Restore button.
  • If the package is correct for the site, it will show a confirmation dialog. Please review the information to make sure its correct for your site.
  • Proceed to the import. This process can take time depending on the size of your package.
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