It is essential that you exactly know how many licenses do you need when you are planning to purchase Prime Mover or subscribe to a free trial to test first.

This quick guide will show you how.

It’s the number of sites that matters

Prime Mover license keys comes in two flavors:

  • Single-site license (one site only)
  • Multisite site license ( starts at 4-site licenses, 10-site licenses and unlimited site licenses)

Single-site license will only work in one site. Since Prime Mover version 1.2.9, this type of license will work for both single-site and WordPress multisite.

If you use single-site license in multisite, you can activate license in only one site you choose. And that PRO features can only be activated for this site.

Multisite site licenses allows you to use the license in more than one sites. Currently Prime Mover supports 4-site license, 10-site licenses and unlimited site licenses.

Does localhost / dev.* / *.dev or any development domains also require license?

PRO license is not required for the localhost or any qualified development domains. If you have a single site license activated in your remote host, you can use the same license in localhost without needing to buy one ! Please read this specification for details (by Freemius Inc.) on how this is implemented OR if your dev domain is covered by this.

How to use multisite licenses?

Say for example you have 4-site licenses. You can activate this license in 4 different WordPress single sites. Or, one multisite with license activated on the main site and 3 sub-sites.

If you have 10-site licenses, you can activate this license on 10 different WordPress single site installations. Or, one multisite with license activated on the main site and 9 subsites.

Or, if you have two different multisite installations with these license key activation plans:

First multisite: Main site + 4 subsites. (5 sites activated on first multisite)

Second multisite: Main site + 4 subsites. (5 sites activated on second multisite)

So a total of 10 sites (5 sites + 5 sites) activated for two multisites.

Now if you purchase unlimited site licenses. You can activate the licenses in any number of single sites and multisites. No restriction.

This is the most flexible and worry-free license plan. If you have the budget, we would recommend getting the unlimited license.

It’s also the most cost effective because you can use this on any number of sites and obviously the least $ cost per site. (in terms of licenses).

What sites to activate if I have a WordPress Multisite network?

It really depends on your usage. If you want to migrate or backup the main site, then you should activate the license on the main site.

Or it could be any of your subsites. Take note that PRO features can only used on subsites with active PRO license.

For details on activating licenses on any sites on a multisite (e.g. whether subsites or main site) – please check out this tutorial.

How to deactivate license and use that license somewhere else?

Yes this is possible. If you have a valid license, simply login to your WordPress site and go to Prime Mover – Account. And then deactivate the license. This will deactivate the license for that site only. Your subscription and account will still be active. For details on deactivating licenses so you can re-use it on another sites – please check out this guide.

And then download Prime Mover Pro copy and activate it on another single site installation you wish to migrate the license. And activate the license key on that site. It will work since you already deactivated the license on the first site.

If you are on a Free Trial, you might not see the deactivate license on the WordPress admin (at Prime Mover – Account). You should login to your Freemius account (using the login credentials sent to you via email when subscribe to Free trial). And then deactivate license there.

Same thing will work with multisite, you can deactivate licenses on some subsites and then re-use that to different multisites or even single site installations.

I have licensing activation problems, is there a way to reset and re-activate license again in clean state?

Yes of course! Please read this detailed guide.

An important note on using Remote URL restore feature

One of key features of the Pro version is remote URL restore. This saves a lot of time since you can directly migrate one site to another site without needing to download it to your Desktop (as it was in Free version). See this Youtube video for details on this feature:

If you want to implement remote URL restore feature, it is required that you have active licenses in both sites (target and the source site of the migration). Otherwise the remote URL feature will not be possible or not very efficient.

Alternatively if you only have single site license, you can still use Remote URL feature as follows:

  • At source site, export/download package to your Desktop
  • Upload the zip package to your source site WordPress root directory.
  • Once uploaded, the restore URL will now be like: (replace with your domain name and with the name of the package.)
  • Deactivate the single site license at source site.
  • Activate the single site license at the target site.
  • Go to Tools -> Migration Tools and then restore using that URL.
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