The target subsite blog ID may or may not be the same with the source subsite blog ID. Prime Mover supports this type of migration as long as you created a multisite package for the correct target blog ID.

Case Example

Say you have a source WordPress multisite subsite that you want to migrate to another WordPress multisite server. The source subsite blog ID is 145. But the target subsite does not yet exist on target multisite.

For this type of migration example, a typical solution would be:

  • In your target multisite server – create a blank subsite in Network Admin -> Sites -> Add New.
  • WordPress assigns a new blog ID of this new subsite.  This is your target blog ID. Say for example the target blog ID is 101. Please take note of this target blog ID.
  • In your source site multisite server – click Export button for source subsite blog ID 145 in Network Admin -> Sites.
  • Create a multisite package targeting to the target subsite blog ID (which is 101 in our example).
  • Once the package is completely created – you can now migrate this package to target multisite subsite blog ID 101.


Optionally – you can read the following related documentations on knowing more about Prime Mover packages as well as the other features that you can use.

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