Change log

  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with ModSecurity module.
  • Fixed: Unable to activate Prime Mover due to hardcoded home/site URL constants in restricted config file.
  • Fixed: Updated to latest Freemius 2.5.3 SDK.
  • Fixed: Fatal error in Google Drive API when using PHP 5.6/7.0.
  • Fixed: Bumped up PHP version requirement for Google Drive API to PHP 7.1+.

Updated Freemius SDK 2.5.3

In this release, the Freemius SDK library is updated to latest version 2.5.3. Highlights of update includes:

  • Supporting “Requires PHP“.
  • Enhancing “Tested Up to“.
  • PHP 8.1 compatibility improvements.

For details on this release, please checkout the release notes.

ModSecurity Module incompatibility fix

Earlier versions has issues with ModSecurity module – particularly when you restore site via default browser upload. It is because the PHP upload parameters ( post_max_size, upload_max_filesize ) gets overridden by ModSecurity values. The resulting values are very small – causing Prime Mover to upload parts in extremely small file sizes. The upload slow down effects are so extreme that it makes the default upload feature useless.

The workaround is to warn affected user of this issue and to let them use the restore via package manager feature (which works with this module and faster too). And then Prime Mover disables the default browser upload when affected with this issue.

The entire compatibility testing is still a work in progress but we are fixing the most serious issues seen first.

Handle bug in wp-config.php constants

In some servers that:

  • Restrict write access to wp-config.php.
  • Hardcode WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME constants.

It creates issue because Prime Mover recomputes the WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME constants which might differ with the one already defined in the configuration file. The result is that user will not be able to activate Prime Mover and can cause usability issues too.

The solution is to honor existing values in the wp-config.php and trust that they are correct. Prime Mover will only compute these values if they are not set.

Added support for adding constants in MU plugins directory

There are instances when servers:

  • Restrict write access to wp-config.php.
  • Does not offer any easy ways to add custom constants to wp-config.php

Prime Mover can now fully support adding these constants (if its missing) to MU plugins directory. This does not affect existing functionality and should work the same as it was set in wp-config.php.

For complete tutorial – please refer to this guide. In addition – only when user uninstalls the plugin that this custom script (which sets the constants) is auto-deleted as well.

Google Drive PHP API Incompatibility

In previous versions – minimum PHP version requirement is PHP 7.0. However recent testing with latest Google Drive API reveals that this is not anymore correct and there are errors with this version until the PHP version is 7.1. The latest minimum PHP version for Google Drive API starting version Prime Mover 1.7.2 is now version 7.1.

In previous versions – a fatal error is thrown when a user configures Prime Mover PRO to use Google Drive (at compatible PHP version) and then downgrade to incompatible version (e.g. PHP 5.6). Although this scenario is rare – the site is completely unusable (both admin and front end).

This issue is now permanently fixed with Prime Mover 1.7.2 +.

Comments or suggestions?

If ever you run into problems with this release or some suggestions – please give us a message.

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